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My story dates back to 2008, the first time I stepped in the baking aisle of an American supermarket after having moved from Spain. It was at this moment, when something as simple as buying a small tub of cookie dough, started the journey of what today I am proud of calling “Poletina”.


Shortly after my discovery, I fell deeply in love with the idea of baking my own homemade sweets, and the wonderful feeling of seeing others enjoy my unique creations. What ended up becoming a hobby I did Friday’s after school, led me to pursue my dream of one day becoming a Pastry chef and graduating from

 Le Cordon Bleu.  A year later, Poletina was officially born, with the mission of sharing with the world my “edible works of art”.


Hence, Poletina is my story, and the journey of the dessert collection that I am presenting to you today, from the moment they were first baked, to the time it has taken me to perfect them, and make them as delicious as they can be. Through them, I hope that with just one bite, you can feel the love and dedication that has been put into, knowing that them, like all of us, have a story in which they have evolved over time.

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  • MON- SAT 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

  • We offer pick up and delivery options in most parts of Miami-Dade County 

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NOTE:  All orders should be made 48h in advance 

As simple as a call or text to:


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+1 (305-987-8162) 

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