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Dulce de Leche Meringue Cake

7 inch- 8-10ppl ($51.99)

9 inch- 15ppl  ($69.99)

Wonderfully light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake layered with a Madagascar vanilla cream OR dulce de leche mousse filling, all covered in torched Italian meringue 

Chocolate Mousse


7 inch- 8-10 ppl ($55.99)

9 inch- 15 ppl ($75.99)

Extra Sauce (add + $5)

Poletina's chocolate cake combines crispy chocolate "suspiro" sticks, and a silky 70% chocolate mousse paired with a delicious vanilla bean sauce. This whimsical Confection is a Chocoholic's dream

Burnt Basque Cheesecake

7.5 inch- 8ppl ($43.99)

Bringing to you a "slice" of my Spanish roots with this iconic Basque Cheesecake  that combines a delicious "burnt" top, a creamy interior, and a buttery cookie crust. Believe us when we say its truly one of the best texture combinations that exist!


Signature Rustic Lina Cake

7 inch- 8ppl  ($55.99)

9 inch- 15ppl  ($75.99)

The Cake we are known for!

Alternating layers of thin and crispy caramelized nut cookies, velvety homemade milk and honey cream, and a Belgian Milk Chocolate cover make this cake an addiction come true!

Soletilla Triffle

Trifle Cup- 10 ppl ($65.99)


Our dreamy trifle is meant for sharing, although it will be hard to resist! 

Layers of a melt in the mouth vanilla cream, fresh sliced strawberries, Vanilla cookies, hints of coffee, chocolate, and a little bit of liquor make this dessert a classy and delicious sweet treat for any celebration! 

Strawberry Pavlova

12 ppl- ($59.99)

Our delicious Pavlova,  layered with your filling of choice (Dulce de Leche or Nutella), whipped cream and strawberries



Our melt in the mouth cookies make the best Alfajores in town! Dulce de leche or filled with Nutella? 

How about covered in your favorite type of chocolate? Milk, White, or dark! 

Box 20 ($21.99)

Souffle-Style Brownies

A twist on American brownies! Our version involves making them light and airy, yet decadent and full of delicious chocolate flavor! 

Box 20 ($21.99)

Golden Bites

Soft, chewy, and delicious!

Our golden bites come in their own elegant chocolate box, and will become one of the best bites you' ll ever have! Don't hesitate to try them! You'll thanks us later! 


  • Cookies and cream covered in golden chocolate

  • Crunchy caramel praline covered in milk chocolate

Box 16 ($47.99)



An addicting little treat that will be hard to resist!

Crunchy milk chocolate, cookies and caramel squares that will leave you wanting more! 

3.5 Oz / 100g ($9.99)

14 oz / 400g to fill a bowl ($35.99)