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New Year's Menu

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Pick ups will be December  30th, 12:00pm 

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Dulce de Leche Meringue Cake

7 inch- 8-10ppl ($55.99)

9 inch- 15-20ppl  ($75.99)

Wonderfully light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake layered with a Madagascar vanilla cream OR dulce de leche mousse filling, all covered in torched Italian meringue 

Chocolate Mousse


7 inch- 8-10 ppl ($55.99)

9 inch- 15 ppl ($75.99)

Extra Sauce (add + $5)

Poletina's chocolate cake combines crispy chocolate "suspiro" sticks, and a silky 70% chocolate mousse paired with a delicious vanilla bean sauce. This whimsical Confection is a Chocoholic's dream

Burnt Basque Cheesecake

7.5 inch- 8ppl ($45.99)

Bringing to you a "slice" of my Spanish roots with this iconic Basque Cheesecake  that combines a delicious "burnt" top, a creamy interior, and a buttery cookie crust. Believe us when we say its truly one of the best texture combinations that exist!


Signature Rustic Lina Cake

7 inch- 8ppl  ($55.99)

9 inch- 15ppl  ($75.99)

The Cake we are known for!

Alternating layers of thin and crispy caramelized nut cookies, velvety homemade milk and honey cream, and a Belgian Milk Chocolate cover make this cake an addiction come true!

Poletina Christmas Cake


11 inch- 8 ppl  ($60.99)

Say hello to our star shaped christmas cake! Delicious layers of caramelized puff pastry, dulce de leche, whipped cream, and raspberries! could it get any better? 

Kinder Coulant Cake

8 inch- 8-10 ppl ($48.99)


If you like Kinder and Chocolate, this is the cake for you! it has a delicious gooey interior that is just so decadent...!

If you are more into warm cakes: we recommend heating it up in the microwave for the ultimate experience!

You won't regret it! 


Lemon Meringue Tart

11 inch- 12ppl  ($69.99)

Lemon, lime, toasted meringue, and a buttery homemade graham crust, make this zesty tart an indulgent and refreshing treat to have at any time! 

Raspberry Toffee Tart

11 inches- 12ppl ($69.99)

This flaky chocolate cookie base is topped with a sweet and luxurious toffee filling and a delicious raspberry jam. Finished with cookie crumble for crunch, fresh raspberries and pipped caramel, this tart will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth! 

Strawberry Pavlova

Our delicious Pavlova,  layered with your filling of choice (Dulce de Leche or Nutella), whipped cream and strawberries

12 ppl- ($62.99)

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Torta Nuez Manjar

7 inch- 8 ppl  ($80.99)

9 inch- 15 ppl  ($99.99)

Delicious chewy and decadent walnut cake filled and covered with your choice of

Dulce de Leche or Nutella, finished with toasted walnuts for a bit more crunch! 

Soletilla Trifle

Trifle Cup- 10-12 ppl ($99.99)


Our dreamy trifle is meant for sharing, although it will be hard to resist! 

Layers of a melt in the mouth vanilla cream, fresh sliced strawberries, Vanilla cookies, hints of coffee, chocolate, and a little bit of liquor make this dessert a classy and delicious sweet treat for any celebration! 

Royal Princess Cake

7 Inch- 12-15 ppl ($199.99)

Our Princess cake is composed of a rich  chocolate cake filled with and covered in a pink raspberry buttercream (Watercolor effect) and raspberry jam, topped with crunchy white chocolate pearls and an elegant piping decoration

Check our Custom Royal Page HERE to design your own! 


Cookie Boxes

Our mini cookies come in a box of 20 or if you prefer, you can combine two different cookies to create your own box !


Love Cookies

Melt in the mouth heart shaped  butter cookies filled with Guava Jam OR Raspberry Jam 

20 Units ($35.99)

Sweet Milk Cookies

A Must for any condensed milk lovers out there!  

20 Units ($35.99)

Guava snowball cookies

Flaky "mantecaditos" with mixed nuts, powdered sugar , filled with guava... so addicting!

20 Units ($35.99)

Our version of cream puffs!
Raspberry Cheesecake 
Salted Caramel 
Hazelnut Praline
Nutella Mousse
Madagascar Vanilla

Box of 9   ($ 31.55)- 1 flavor 
  B0x of 16 ($ 55.99)- 2 flavors 
Box of 20 ($ 69.99)- 3 flavors 

Anchor 1

Vanilla Rum Cake

10 ppl- ($65.99)

Tender vanilla cake soaked in rum, glazed with a lightly sweet vanilla glaze, rose petals and gold leaf touches


8-10 ppl ($80.99)

20ppl rectangle shape



Three caramelized layers of puff pastry, vanilla whipped cream, homemade dulce de leche, and fresh raspberries, make this puff pastry dessert an experience you ll never forget! 

Star Milhojas 

Not Your Regular Carrot Cake

7 inch- 8-10 ppl ($80.99)

9 inch- 15 ppl inches ($99.99)


Our twist on the traditional carrot cake! Brown butter glazed carrots batter, layered with a delicious vanilla cream cheese frosting, and finished with candied nuts!


7 inch - 8 ppl ($75.99)


Seven thin layers of our tender and nutty vanilla cake, raspberry jam, hazelnut chocolate cream, and our homemade sweet milk cream make this delicious cake a MUST! Try it and you' ll see it for yourself! 


7 inch (3 layers)- 12 ppl ($150.99)

Layers of vanilla sponge filled with the perfect balance of tangy lemon cheesecake cream, blueberry jam and crunchy white chocolate pearls. Topped with rose petals and fresh blueberries

Pretty Mess-  Choco Cookie Dough Cake

7 inch (3 layers)- 12 ppl ($150.99)

Gooey Chocolate cake, cookie buttercream, milk chocolate cream, lightly salted chewy chocolate cookie crumbs, and delicious chunks of raw cookie dough...Can this get any better?

7 Layer Heaven

7 inch - 8 ppl ($75.99)


Seven thin layers of our tender and nutty vanilla cake, raspberry jam, hazelnut chocolate cream, and our homemade sweet milk cream make this delicious cake a MUST! Try it and you' ll see it for yourself! 

Mini 4" Alfajor



4 inch- 2 ppl  ($22.99)

Three melt in the mouth layers of our famous alfajor recipe filled with layers of creamy dulce de leche! Sharing will be hard! 

Mini 4'' Custom Cake Box

4 Mini cakes-  $100.99

If you are feeling indecisive about which cake to order, or you just want a beautiful gift, our 4 mini cake assortment is for you!  Choose from our mini cake menu and we'll create your custom box! 

cake assortment.jpg

Mini 4 inch Cakes


Vanilla Meringue

Dulce de Leche Meringue

Coconut Dulce de Leche

Chocolate Mousse Cake 

Infantina Cake

Alfajor Cake 

* Minimum order of 2 mini cakes (any two  flavors)

Golden Bites

Soft, chewy, and delicious!

Our golden bites come in their own elegant chocolate box, and will become one of the best bites you' ll ever have! Don't hesitate to try them! You'll thanks us later! 


  • Cookies and cream covered in golden chocolate

  • Crunchy caramel praline covered in milk chocolate

Box 16 ($47.99)


Our melt in the mouth cookies make the best Alfajores in town! Dulce de leche or filled with Nutella? 

How about covered in your favorite type of chocolate? Milk, White, or dark! 

25 Units ($37.99)


Souffle-Style Brownies

A twist on American brownies! Our version involves making them light and airy, yet decadent and full of delicious chocolate flavor! 

20 Units ($37.99)

Mini Walnut Pavlova's

Miami's favorite bite sized dessert topped with your favorite berries! 

20 Units ($47.99)

Poletina Minis

Our 2 bite minis! Brown butter glazed Banana cake, Carrot, Lemon pies, and Red Velvet!

Box of 9 ($31.99)

 Box of 16 ($55.99)

Box of 20 (68.99)

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