Sweet Honey Rolls

Our Cutest Product!

16 units in a 8x8 pan ($64.99)

  • Choose your design: Teddy Bear | Bunny  | Kitty |

  •  Pick your bun flavor: Vanilla  | Chocolate  |  Both |

  • Optional (Add your stuffing  $66.99):

 Dulce de leche  | Nutella  |  Raspberry jam  | Mango jam | Milk Chocolate chips | White Chocolate Chips


Sprinkle's Celebration Cake 


Our Happy Birthday Cake! 

7 inch cake: 8 people ($59.99)

Our Sprinkle's B-day cake is made out of:

  •  Two deliciously moist chocolate layers

  •  The creamiest Whipped Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

  • Milk Chocolate Chips 

  • And lots and lots Sprinkles! 

Just choose your Letter or Number, and we will take care of the rest! 


Little Bundt

So delicious! 

6 units in a 8" pan ($40.99)

  • These adorable little cakes are made out of our vanilla cake recipe, and are covered in white and milk chocolate!

  • Perfect for our youngest customers birthday parties and any other reason to celebrate!